Memory Chapinduka

My name is Memory Chapinduka, I was born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I learnt at Montrose Girls High and studied Art, Literature and Geography at A’level.

I am a passionate person driven by life, travel, Tourism, food, art and people. I have worked in the tourism industry for just over 3 years which includes my involvement in Africa’s Low Cost airline –¬† as one of their pioneering team members. My years in the industry have taught and groomed me into becoming a woman of excellence accepting nothing but perfection when it come to service delivery and presentation of self. My current job has afforded me opportunities to handle top end travelers and events such as The World Poultry Convention, The Young President Organization’s academies and family travel as well as Pick’n’ Pay’s Gareth and Mandy Ackerman.

In one word I could describe myself as social. I enjoy hosting, laughing and being around a company of cheerful people. I easily connect with people and I take pleasure in doing any activities that encourage team building and interaction.

I am a lover of God, acknowledging that I am who I am today because of the good and perfect work He does in me daily.

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