Gamuchirai Mutero

My name is Gamuchirai Mutero l am 21years of age. l grew up in Kadoma  and l finished my A levels in 2014. l have worked at different companies and outlets mostly providing marketing services hence l am aspiring to study tourism and hospitality whereby l will be mostly interested to work in the marketing department. l mainly chose this programme because it goes hand in hand with my passion.l see myself as an international model  soon thus l will have that opportunity to market my  country. In the next 5years , l see myself as one of the best wedding planners in Africa, that is because l am into interior decor and l would like to develop myself in those areas.                                     l have a heart for women  especially a girl child. Therefore,on my journey to achieve my goals l would like to pay  attention in helping the girls out there as much as l can. I am into sports. l  exercise every morning and it makes me feel good throughout the day. l love ball games as well.                                    Last but not least, spending  time with different people is the most wonderful experience because l always learn something from each person.

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