Courtney Matende

I am an eighteen year old girl named Courtney Matende. I am currently an ‘A’ level student at Thornhill High School in Gweru, studying Literature in English, History and Divinity. I was born and bred in Gweru, the city of progress.I am who I am today today due to my role model, my mother. She is kind, loving and caring and most importantly hard-working. I grew up with my mother and I have never met my father. She worked hard to put me in school. Through the grace of God, I was blessed with a foster father who has been in my life as a father figure and since then I’ve never missed a day off school. I believe that if you are faithful and if you believe in God, everything goes well.I am passionate about modeling and I started when I was fourteen years old. I’ve been blessed with several titles since 2014. The first time I won it was on a school pageant and I became Miss Thornhill 1st Princess, I remember I was very shy and nervous but I gained confidence when i started to believe in myself and in 2015 i won Miss Day of the African Child and Miss Thornhill. That was a stepping stone for me to aim higher. This year in July, I was crowned Miss Gweru and that is my great achievement. My dream is not just to be a beauty queen but to be a beauty queen with a beautiful heart. I dream to support the girl child because I know how hard it is for a girl to have no education, most uneducated girls get married early and life does not end well for them. I would love to “contribute to the noble cause of the girl child.” Being chosen to participate in the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe 2016 has been the greatest opportunity I have ever had and I’m very grateful.

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