Anesu Hokoyo

My name  is Anesu Hokoyo , 21 years old. I am a 2nd year student at Africa University studying Public Administration. I stay in Murambi in Mutare. I enjoy telling people stories that  always leave them tongue tied and  exhilarated . I won’t stop loving going for random camps in different places around the world with my family. I enjoy getting to know different people and making them feel comfortable as my school accommodates 29 countries from Africa. It won’t be a future for me without watching news as I’m really interested into International Relations as my country’s relations with other nations intrests  me the most. Despite my present degree  I’m going to be a brilliant, influential political lawyer in the next 7 years. As an eloquent charismatic smart  future lawyer my nation Zimbabwe is read quite negatively by the world and Zimbabwe is trying to penetrate new markets as well as improvng its relations with the rest of the world and im going to show and make the international face get to know the true Zimbabwean story. Im going to leave a legacy. Watching cartoons, going to the gym and swimming regularly keeps me at ease and at peace for stress relief and management as I am at most of the times caught up in many clubs ,school work , and activities at school. I am like a book and with every page  you will be eager to know why the book has no end so I will end here.

Thank you!

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