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Miss Tourism Zimbabwe

Miss Tourism Zimbabwe is a Pageant which is not only about beauty, but to find a true tourism ambassador for Zimbabwe and to promote projects for the Girl Child. We believe that the only way to eradicate poverty is Education. Although beauty and appearance are key factors, Miss Tourism Zimbabwe contestants do not necessarily have to be tall and slim. All races, backgrounds and shapes are welcome. Our main focus is their ability to represent our beautiful country to the world.In our efforts to shift and return beauty pageantry to the esteemed position it once held in Zimbabwe and internationally, we are advocating for transparency in professionalism in the management of the pageant by inviting independent bodies.

About Us


This is an oppoturnity for a girl who wants to make her contrubtion to the sociaty and make a change to the lives of the Girl Child.
Be of good character, reputation, charismatic, eloquent and have passion for Zimbabwe.
Have attained the age of 18 years before they enter the Pageant and shall NOT have attained the age of 26 years by end date of reign.
Must be naturally-born female
Must hold Zimbabwean citizenship
Possess Zimbabwean ID or Passport
Be single and/shall not have entered into any ceremony of marriage.
Must have a minimum qualification of ‘O’ Level and/or a diploma or a degree.
Have no criminal record
Has never given birth
Must not be pregnant or intending to be pregnant during the reign.
Have beauty of face and figure. No tattoos or highly visible scars.
Agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe
Must be available during the reign (1 year).
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